Corpus Christi College Summer Events

STEM Women Summer School – Check it out if you are interested in Maths, Physics, Chemistry or Engineering.

The day will include: unnamed

  • Lectures by leading Cambridge scientists and mathematicians on a range of cutting-edge research topics, including Dr Sian Dutton on new battery technology for renewable energy, Dr Fumiya Iida on using evolution by natural selection to design better robots and Chris Moore, who was part of the team that recently discovered gravitational waves
  • Visits to the Cavendish Physics Laboratory and the Department of Engineering
  • Sessions on preparing a competitive application for sciences at university, and on what to expect in a Cambridge interview
  • Practical problem-solving sessions using the isaac Physics website, led by members of the team who developed it
  • A tour of the college, dinner in our hall, and a chance to meet current women undergraduates and faculty members in the sciences for advice on applications and careers

See Miss Taylor’s email or Cambridge university website for more details on how to apply.



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